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Your Nepal Schoolies Adventure is a two week tour in which you’ll get to take part in a truly life changing experience.From the breath-taking snowy peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical jungles of the Chitwan National Park, your schoolies tour will take you on an adventure you’ll never forget. Not only will you get to see life unfold in the Himalaya but you’ll also be changing the lives of the local people as well.

With an average daily income equivalent to $1.22 AUD, every little bit you do makes an impact.

The ways in which you will be helping include teaching English to children, taking part in sports and doing various building improvements for local schools. You will see life the life the local way.. This truly a unique life-changing opportunity. Whilst you are the there to assist locals many clients say they got much more back in return!

After you say goodbye to your new friends at the school you’ll head out on an action-packed tour of Nepal. For the adrenaline junkies this includes trekking, paragliding, zip lining and bungee jumping.. Then there’s a Jungle safari spotting Rhino, crocodiles and even a tiger riding on the back on elephants.

We still haven’t mentioned the action of the capital, Kathmandu.. It’s like no other; it’s a place that’s full of life, where you’ll get to taste delicious food and witness first hand ancient culture. The two-week-long Nepal Adventure is packed full of inspiring and challenging experience that you’ll never forget. Sign up today and let your adventure begin!

Past Experiences

  • I cried the whole way home (back to Australia) because I didn't want to leave! We had A LOT of fun with them, singing and dancing, sharing inside jokes, swimming and activities. They were impeccable! Definitely going back to Nepal and definitely going with them again!
    Kiadiana F
    Trip Advisor

  • Schoolies in Nepal was an enlightening, confronting and incredibly fun trip. Nepal is such a spectacular country and the people are beautiful- so welcoming and generous. Absolutely the most gorgeous humble people I have ever met
    Georga N
    Trip Advisor

  • My personal highlights would be coming closer with all the people I went with. I also loved that it made our schoolies into a memorable and worthwhile experience rather than just a piss-up that you could have whenever you wanted! Memorable, heartwarming and eye-opening
    Andie D

  • Nepal was awesome, great experience. Some highlights would definitely be teaching and helping out at the school, paragliding, great views and most all, hanging out with super cool people. Surreal, amazed and inspired. Or …. Bloody brilliant mate!!

  • Inspiring, life-changing and humbling. I think that it is the most valuable and rewarding way to experience another culture whilst also helping those less fortunate than yourself. It was like my best self but on steroids! It was unreal!


Here’s a closer look at some of the fantastic activities you’ll be taking part in on this amazing adventure...

Volunteer Schoolies


You’ll be taken on a personal tour by our experienced local guides who will show you famous UNESCO heritage sites. Some of the places you’ll get to see include ancient temples like Pashupatinath, which is where the famous Burning Ghats ceremony takes place. You’ll get to watch traditional street art and explore vibrant food markets as you take in the sights and sounds of the city.

If you want to take home a souvenir then you’ll find a variety of stalls and markets that sell handmade clothes, art and jewellery. During your free time you will get to test your bargaining skills at the markets and explore more of the city. You can immerse yourself in authentic Asian culture in this incredible city. From the bustling city streets and haggling stall owners to the smell of fresh food and the sound of cars, Kathmandu is a place you’ll never forget.


Five days at a local school in Chitwan. This will be the most, crazy unforgettable five days of your life. Nup, this is not an overstatement. You will teach english, maths and social studies (equivalent of PDHPE) in the school to a range of different year groups. You will also get to play games like soccer and cricket as well as learn Nepali local games. Sing and dance with the children to everyone’s favorite singers including Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus; the Nepali kids are mostly up to speed with hip singers of the day. You will also get to do some building works like transform a classroom by giving it a splash of paint. You will also get to travel (we might even try ox cart) to surrounding villages to see where the children come from each day. Once there we will donate and donate much needed resources to the local community; this is where any extra clothes and kids toys you don’t need will make a big difference. You might even pick up a few Nepali phrases along the way.


You’ll set off on a walking jungle tour where you’ll be able to see elephants, wild boars and even rhinos.

Then it’s time to jump in a canoe, spot crocodiles as you float down the river in a traditional dugout canoe. Don’t worry though, you’ll be perfectly safe with us.


Experience a view of the jungle like no other from the back of an elephant. Our trainers will guide you on a safari through the jungle and as you explore the beautiful exotic scenery you’ll be able to spot wild deer, rhinos and perhaps even a tiger. Our team are among the few people that have seen a tiger in the wild so maybe you’ll get just as lucky. Elephants are some of the most graceful and intelligent animals in the world and this experience lets you get close and understand just how truly amazing they are

Elephant Trekking


Hop on the back of an elephant and cool of in the river as you get sprayed by your giant new friend. You’ll never experience anything quite as fun as riding bareback on an elephant while he showers you with water. You could maybe try and splash them back but it’s definitely not a water fight you could win. You’ll be just as clean as your elephant by the time you’re finished but feel free to skip out on this part if you don’t want to get wet.



Get your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing as you fly through the jungle on the world’s longest zip-line. Yep, that’s right - the world’s longest! Located in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, no zip line ever made comes even close to this one.

The huge cable goes on for 2kms, which means you’ll get an amazing view of the jungle as you fly through the sky. Thrill-seekers will get the rush they need by reaching speeds up to 120km/h. This is something you’ll never forget but be sure to bring your action-cam so you can upload to Instagram and show your friends and family when you get home.


If you like the idea of floating through the air and flying into the sky then you have to try paragliding. Soar like an eagle and float among the clouds as you get panoramic views of the snowy Himalayan Mountains and the beautiful farmland below. What really makes this activity unique is the Nepali guide that will create a personalised experience by showing you the best parts of the local area.

Bungee Jumping


If you’re looking for a real thrill on your Nepal adventure, there’s no better way than jumping from an 80m platform into thin air. Come and get your adrenaline pumping with this amazing experience. The jump site offers a stunning view of the Himalayas, the hills and the rivers below.



Spend 4 days hiking through the most beautiful mountains in the world. The natural beauty of Nepal has to be seen to be believed and you’ll get to experience the best of it on this amazing trek through the mountains. Get the real Nepali trekking experience as you climb hillsides, cross bridges and drink your weight in local masala tea. This four day trip will bring you closer to nature where you’ll feel mountain air and see sights that you’ll never forget.


To give you a better idea of what to expect on your Nepal Adventure here’s what a typical day will be like:

Example 1 - A day helping at a school in the villageExample 2 - A day of adventure
7:30amWake upWake up
8:30amWalk through village to schoolBriefing for the day
9:00amMeet with teachers and talk about school workGet changed and packed
9:30amTeach english to local studentsTravel in jeep to bungee
10:30amPlay local games with students BUNGEE!!
12:00pmLunch including traditional Nepali foodLunch break
1:00pmTeach students how to play cricketTravel to paraglide launch site
3:00pmPaint a classroom for the schoolPreparation for paraglide
4:30pmWalk through village to sleeping lodgePARAGLIDE!!!
5:00pmChange, shower, freshen up in guest lodgePickup and travel to Hotel
6:30pmDinner at lodgeChange and freshen up
8:00pmChat and fun times with other schooliesDinner at local restaurant and night out
10-11:00pmDay overDay over

The best thing about our payment plan is that everything is included in the price, which means there won’t be any surprise costs on your trip. The price includes flights (optional), accommodation, food, guides, staff costs, all transport costs, duffel bag rental, exchange rates and banking fees. Not only that, we even give you a free Himalayan Schoolies shirt and hat so you have a souvenir to remember your trip. There are no extra hidden costs on your trip but it is advised that you bring some spending money in case you want to buy any other gifts. And upgrade your trip with adventure activities

You’ll get to stay in some really amazing places on your tour, from cosy hotels in Kathmandu to famous Nepali tea houses in the Himalaya. In the National Park you’ll be sleeping close enough to hear rhinos and elephants outside. Added bonuses include hot running water, showers, flushing toilets and even free Wi-Fi.

Kathmandu: A western-style twin room with a flushing toilet, a bath and a shower.

School visit: A dormitory-style room that sleeps five people. It includes all amenities such as shower and flushing toilet.

National park (Chitwan): Twin room accommodation at a resort with full bathroom and also a common pool area.

Pokhara: Twin room with all essential bathroom amenities including flushing toilet and shower.

Trek: A ‘glamping’ experience at a variety of different tea houses. All accommodation includes basic shower and toilet features.

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