How do I apply?
To apply click here and fill in your details. You will receive an email soon after giving you more information on the trip and everything else you'll need to know
How much will the trip cost
There are different packages available from $2,595 to $3,890. The first option does not include flights, the second includes flights, the 3rd adds in the adrenaline activities. These prices are all inclusive and you can view more about them here - Schoolies Pricing If you want to stay for an extra week that can been included in all packages for $450.
Do I need insurance?
Yes - Insurance is required for your Himalayan Schoolies program. Going travelling anywhere around the world it's important that you have proper coverage. Whilst we do our best to prevent issues arising incidents and accidents can and do happen. For instance, sometimes bags are lost by airlines or clients need medical care. Having insurance gives you peace of mind. Our good friends at Covermore have a great deal for Himalayan Schoolie client's. For a small cost you can get comprehensive coverage. Just contact us and we can arrange it for you in a few short minutes.
What preparation will be involved for the trip in the upcoming year
There will be a few simple things that you will need to do over the upcoming year like:
  • Fill in documents for the trip
  • 4 team meetings
  • Fundraising activities
  • Who will be accompanying us on the trip
    There are three older leaders one of these people have been to Nepal multiple times before. There is also two mentors between the ages of 19-25 who have previously been on the trip as a schoolie.
    How many people will there be in each group
    There will be between 15-17 people per group
    What is included in the price
    All flights, accommodation, food for the entire trip and a donation to the school you will be working in. Extra spending money for presents/souvenirs, tips and money for activities including bungee jumping, paragliding and zip lining. These activities are $80 AUD.
    Is it possible to reduce the overall cost of the trip
    YES!! There is an early bird offer with a 5% discounted price if your entire payment is upfront. Reducing the cost to $3320. You and your team can also reduce the cost by doing fundraising activites which can help reduce the cost.
    Is there an easy manageable way for me to make these payments
    Absolutely we can personally customize an individual payment plan for you if you contact us regarding your financial situation. Alternativley we have three generic payment plan:
  • Weekly payments of $79 can be made
  • 11 monthly payments of $317.72
  • 4 quartly payments of $873.75
  • Will I need spending money and how much
    This varies per person. Each person should have about $35 AUD for tips for porters during trekking and tour guide. If you wish to participate in any adventure activities (A MUST!!) this will be approximately $80 AUD. Spending money people take is between $50-300 AUD.
    Is there any ways we can donate items to the Nepali that have been affect by the previous earthquake
    YES!!! Nepal needs your help and as many resources as possible. Within your group you can discuss how to get essential items such as exercise books, sporting equipment, blankets, story books and posters. Resources are an essential to take over on the trip!!
    How often will the team be in contact with each other
    Throughout the whole year there will be a constant facebook message and page for your team. This is where reminders about payments, documents fundraising and any other matter will be posted. You will also have team meetings face to face or over skype at least 4 times over the year.
    Will there be power and wifi where we stay in Nepal
    YES!! You will be able to post photos on Facebook and Instagram keeping you family and friends updated!!
    What is the food like are there options for vegans and vegetarians
    Places where you eat will have a variety of options including western foods, vegan and vegetarian food. If you love potatoes and fresh fruit you will love the food
    What is the climate like during November in Nepal
    In Nepal during November you experience temperatures from 20- 27oC. At night temperatures drop to 10-12oC. During the trek phase of the adventure temperatures at night will be cold so warm clothes are ESSENTIAL.
    What clothing should I pack
    You will need clothes for a variety of seasons and that arnt too revealing (as this can be viewed as offensive in Nepal). Basic items that are needed for males and female include:
  • Long pants
  • T shirts
  • Tights
  • Thermals
  • Hoodie
  • Woolen/fleecy jumper
  • Shorts- just above knee length
  • Thongs
  • Trekking boots
  • Joggers
  • Woolen socks
  • Cotton socks
  • Will there be much free time
    After everyday there will be free time to do whatever your heart desires.
    What injections/ medication will I need to get before we go over
    This will vary depending on what injections you have previously had. You will deffinatly need typhoid and hepatitis A.
    Is the language barrier challenging when communicating with people
    At the start of the two weeks you will find it difficult understanding some of Nepali peoples English as they speak really fast. After a few days you’ll get use to it and be able to keep up.
    Do I need to know any Nepali before I go over
    One simple greeting Namaste – meaning hello
    What is the base line of fitness needed for the trek
    You will be able to need to run about 3km a cross varying terrain without stopping
    What is the religion in Nepal and how much does this influence their lives
    The two main religions in Nepal are Buddhist and Hindu. These do play a significant part in their beliefs and daily lives. Their religion is a major influence on their kind hearted loving nature.
    How long has the schoolies project been running
    Two years. The trip commenced in 2015 with one group going and there is one group going in 2016. Next year we are aiming to send ass many groups as possible.
    Why choose Nepal schoolies through HHA instead of another organization
    Hike Himalaya Adventure personally customizes the trip for you. Unlike many other companies that make you book your our flights and organize your own visas HHA does all of this for you. Over in Nepal HHA have the best team of guides and leaders that will be accompanying you on your adventure.