Redefining Schoolies

Schoolies celebrations are about starting life and seeing the world. They are more than just partying the end of your exams away. They can take you on an unimaginable adventure and that’s just what we do at Himalayan Schoolies. We redefine the traditions and turn schoolies into an incredible experience. After all, you can only do it once, so let's do it right!
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The start of a venture

Himalayan Schoolies didn’t start out the way businesses typically do. Instead it started with deep firsthand experience. After finishing boarding school back in 1998, Matt brought a one-way ticket to the USA with no plans and just enough cash to get from one place to the next. Hopping across the States, South America, and Europe, an idea hit him – to enable other Schoolies to experience the world this way. As he continued to travel, broke but having an amazing time, that concept stayed in the back of his mind.

Seizing the moment

Seizing the moment

Fortunately, Matt didn’t have to wait too long for an opportunity to come along – and he seized the chance to explore. When his mum got a call to help train teachers in Nepal, the pieces began to fall into place. At the time, the Rotary International was interested in assisting schools and providing an opportunity for youth to take part in something bigger. The infrastructure, network, and professionals that Matt had on the ground, as part of his other venture, gave him the perfect opportunity to take his idea to the next level


Schoolies with a difference

The result of the plans Matt set in motion was Himalayan Schoolies, the traditional fun you associate with end of school celebrations but with a twist. Matt’s vision gives you a chance to get off the beaten track and head to destinations that are simply not visited by tourists, period. This creates an awesome schoolies trip. Those that want to see more of the world, head on an adventure of a lifetime, make new friends, support good causes, and have completely new experiences when they finish school don’t have to look any further

Himalayan Schoolies has now been running for 3 years and it’s an experience that can have a huge impact on your life. You’ll finish your trip with a whole new outlook on the world, helping you to understand what to do with your life. Overcoming challenges, embracing the different, and learning new things means your confidence will soar – Himalayan Schoolies is a transformative experience that you’ll love.


To empower Schoolies through innovative and responsible travel experiences


Make a positive Impact for yourself and others



As you already know, Matt, Founder of Himalayan Schoolies, was inspired by his own experiences when it came to setting up the business. Today he still travels extensively, and is passionate about sharing his interests. Recognising how travel broadened his horizons, new experiences are at the heart of his ethos. Since that first trip many years ago, he’s continued to head to new destinations, completed hundreds of treks, and scaled many mountains, with plans always in the works for his next adventure

Plan your schoolies celebration now

Caught your interest? You can learn more about how you can be part of schoolies celebrations with an adventurous and volunteering twist now. Check out the details of our next trip here and get in touch to register your interest.


We love adventure and want to take you on THE adventure to begin your life. It will be something you have never experienced before. Get ready to have all your expectations to be blown away.
We do what we are passionate about and through this passion we hope to inspire you.
This adventure isn’t a walk in the park. We want to challenge the way you view the world, push your comfort zones and challenge you to better yourself in any way shape or form